Little boys and getting their hair cut.. Most of them are NOT huge fans! They scream, they cringe, they even try to run away! You bribe them with ice cream, you give them your phone and you make silly faces hoping they would sit still (cos the last thing you want is your little one to come out of the barber shop with a bald patch!).

I won’t lie, my son doesn’t mind getting his hair cut, but he gets bored easily (like most kids do), which means he’ll start to fidget and move, making the process a bit more difficult then I (or the barber) would like. Which is why, thanks to my sister in law’s suggestion, I tried Ta’ Spiru barber shop. And let me tell you, I’m so glad I did!

First of all, I can’t not mention the overall design of the shop! It has this retro, rustic design which I love!

Isn’t that awesome? But, obviously, that’s not what my son got excited about.. THIS was!

What little boy wouldn’t love this? So, that was the first thing that put a smile on both our faces (that HAD to do the trick, Mason is obsessed with cars!). But that wasn’t just it! The barber set up a game on his tablet and gave it to my son as a distraction. He was over the moon! I just wanted to high five the good man for being so prepared!

You can tell how much he enjoyed himself, and his hair was on point! As soon as we stepped outside, he asked me to start taking him there for his hair cuts. FINALLY, he can actually start looking forward to going to the barber!

We went back yesterday and he had so much fun! I kid you not, have a look for yourself!

Doesn’t that look like so much fun? I give props to the staff for being so patient and actually making the whole process so enjoyable for my little guy!

If your little one hates getting their hair cut or the whole ordeal is stressful for both of you, I highly recommend giving this barber shop a try!


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