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Bedroom Wall Art

I talked in another post about doing something with bare walls (in your kids’ bedroom). This time I’m going to be sharing ideas for covering that boring wall in the main bedroom (most of the time it’s above the bed!). Continue reading “Bedroom Wall Art”

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Daily Cleaning Checklist

Checklist time!!

The checklist I use the most is definitely my cleaning checklist! I used THAT word 3 times already, and I’m only getting started.. Brace yourselves! Continue reading “Daily Cleaning Checklist”

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60 Fun Kids Activities To Try This Summer

Summer activities

Kids love summer! It’s their time to relax and have a break from school. But, they’re bound to get bored after a while (I know my little boy does!). I try to do a different activity every day or so in summer, just to keep things interesting and have a memorable summer! Continue reading “60 Fun Kids Activities To Try This Summer”

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Kids’ Bedroom Wall Ideas

It’s not fun for us mums when our little munchkins are old enough to sleep in their own bedroom! I for one loved that my son was just a peep away if I needed to check on him.. But when he was a year old we had to make the transition, he was more comfortable sleeping alone. Ah well, it had to happen eventually! Continue reading “Kids’ Bedroom Wall Ideas”

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Your First Prenatal Visit

One of the first exciting experiences you have during pregnancy is your first prenatal visit. Getting a positive pregnancy test is thrilling, but having your obstetrician talk to you about fetal growth and having that first scan makes it more tangible that a baby is on the way! Continue reading “Your First Prenatal Visit”

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Health and Fitness Checklist

It’s so easy to forget about you when you’re a mum! You’re running around doing one thing after another, you look at the clock and it’a already 3pm.. “Wait, did I even eat anything today??”. It happens more often then we’d like to admit, we just forget about us. Continue reading “Health and Fitness Checklist”

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Healthy Pancakes!

Yes, you read right! HEALTHY pancakes!

Every Sunday I like preparing a ‘special’ breakfast. Pancakes are my absolute favourite! But pancakes can sometimes make me feel bloated and I get unexpected hunger a few hours after eating them! Which is just plain annoying! Plus, conventional pancakes hardly have any nutritional values.. Which is why I found a way to have what I’m craving, yet still eat something healthy and nutritious! Continue reading “Healthy Pancakes!”

Adult DIY, DIY Projects

DIY Pouf

I love poufs! They make the prettiest living room accessory! So I went out in search of a cute, knitted pouf..

You know how much those things cost? €50! Hahahaha! €50! There’s no way I’m spending that much money on a pouf!

So I came home, actually contemplating if I should buy the ridiculously overpriced pouf.. Then I thought, I’ll just knit one myself! Why not, right? Wrong! See, I tried to knit before cos it looks so relaxing.. I started knitting a pillow cover once, now I have a knitted doll’s house carpet at best! So I moved on from that idea to an Ikea hack! Love Ikea, love love Ikea hacks! Continue reading “DIY Pouf”

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Organise Your Kids’ School Papers

Don’t you love it when your little ones come running through the front door, excited to show you what they did at school? And we feel so proud of their new accomplishments, all we want to do is frame every single thing they do! But no one has that much space on their walls! Continue reading “Organise Your Kids’ School Papers”

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How Big Is Your Baby This Week?

Oh being pregnant is such a wonderful experience! Week after week you wonder about so many things.. What colour should we paint the nursery? What size bra should I buy now? When will the morning sickness end? How big is my baby this week? Continue reading “How Big Is Your Baby This Week?”