These Minnie Mouse balloon wands are my new favorite! So easy to make and so adorable! They’re the perfect DIY for party favors, decorations or just because your kids need a little more Minnie Mouse in their lives.

Supply List:

Start by blowing up the balloons, you need 3 for each balloon wand. Make one large one for the head and two small ones to act as the ears. (Try to avoid putting too much air in the balloons so they keep their rounded shape).

Next I used scotch tape to tape down the balloon ties on the small balloons. Then you can add the super glue to the tape and place the balloon on the head where you’d like the ears to go. *Make sure to hold the balloons in place until the glue dries, otherwise they’ll keep falling off like mine did at first.

Once the ears are in place, attach the largest balloon to the balloon stick.

Next, make a bow with the ribbon and wrap the gold washi tape around the middle.


The final step is to glue the ribbon onto the head for Minnie’s bow! 

Just like Disney changes Minnie Mouse and her costumes to match the seasons and holidays, you can definitely do the same with your balloon wands. You can’t go wrong with the classic colors but I’m sure as long as you have the ears and bow, your balloon wands will look Minnie Mouse official!

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All photos by Creative Mom 101.


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