When my sister-in-law mentioned that she was interested in doing a bagel bar for my niece’s birthday, I was pretty excited about the chance to get creative and bring a new twist to the standard Minnie Mouse party.

I LOVE all the doughnut walls I’ve seen lately and I thought it’s about time that bagels should have some fun too! I knew that a local deli sold miniature bagels (although I’ve seen the plain miniature bagels in grocery stores as well) so I thought it’d be an easy way to create the standard Mickey/Minnie Mouse head.

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I used toothpicks to attach the ears to the head and then I also glued the bows to toothpicks so I could attach them to the heads as well. I tried using wooden dowels to hold the bagels but because of the weight of the ears they wouldn’t stay upright. I was about to give up on the bagel wall idea until I found these pegboard hooks and it saved the day! The hooks are an assortment but I used various ones and they all worked. Some of them I just poked right into the bagels so you might want to sanitize them before you use them.

The directional sign from our WellieWishers Party was a hit so we brought it back for this party. This time I used paper and a honeycomb ball (made to look like Minnie Mouse) to top it off. It was much easier than the cutting, sanding and painting involved in the last sign, but I think it turned out just as cute! And it’s definitely easy to replicate if you want to make one for your own party.

I think my favorite part about a Minnie Mouse party is adding that cute little mouse head to just about everything, so that’s what I did! The decorations on the milk bottles are attached via washi tape so after the party you can just peel them off and you’re all set for your next celebration. The bagel toppings labels are made from styrofoam balls and paper. I personally think they look like cake pops so add some melted candy and you’ve got faux cake pops!

Our bagel bar was pretty simple and kid-friendly as far as the toppings. Depending on the guests at your party you could certainly add various toppings and items to make it more exciting. However you decide to setup, I think it’s always win-win with a Minnie Mouse bagel wall!

For easy and fun party favors to go with your Minnie Mouse brunch, check out these Minnie Mouse balloon wands!


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