Spray painting is a great way to transform something old or boring, into something new and beautiful! You don’t have to be a pro artist either, anyone can do this DIY project. But it is important to take the necessary steps when spray painting anything.

The first time I tried my hand at spray painting, it was a tad disastrous! So, let’s recap the proper steps you need to take for a successful spray painting project.

  1. Find the piece of decor you want to spray paint. Make sure to clean it properly and that it’s fully dry.
  2. Find a place where you want to do your spray paining project and cover the area you will be using. I do my spray painting on the terrace (that way the smell doesn’t go inside), and covered the floor with a sheet I use just for these kinds of projects.
  3. Shake your spray paint bottle well for about 1 minute. First thing you should do before spraying your object is to do a test spray on a piece of paper or cardboard (something you don’t mind ruining).
  4. Once the spray paint is coming out smoothly, STEP BACK from the object 10″ to 16″ (this instruction is at the back of spray cans, it’s that important!). I repeat, step back!
  5. Moving your can back and forth, lightly mist your object with paint. Do you want your decor to look like this? Didn’t think so. Don’t coat it with a huge chunk of paint, as that will result in drips!
  6. After lightly misting your object, get up, walk away, make a nice cup of coffee, check your Facebook, etc. Just DO NOT go back for 15 minutes. Then, go back and repeat for as many times as you need to ensure an opaque coating. Just remember to let the spray paint dry between each coating. This takes a little longer, yes. But keep in mind, that’s better then throwing away your project!

In this project I also used painter’s tape to do the lined design on top. It requires a little more patience and might take a bit longer, but it was definitely worth it! 

And don’t forget, take your time and the result will be pretty awesome!

Have you ever tried a spray painting project? Comment below and share your ideas. I love getting inspired for my DIY projects ❤


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