It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Okay, I usually say that about Christmas time but as an October baby, I just can’t resist a good Halloween season. Let’s just call October through December the most wonderful time of the year, shall we?! To celebrate, I’ve got another one of my obsessions to share with you all, a spooky Halloween Play-Doh Kit!

You all know I prefer my Halloween holidays to be cute (as seen by my Honeycomb character Halloween party) so this play-doh kit was the perfect compliment to celebrate the season without scaring my nieces!

If you haven’t heard of play-doh kits before, I started with them back in March with a St. Patrick’s Day Playdough Kit and they’re still my favorite. Kids seem to love them (at least my nieces do!) and as seen by my little buddy Frankie, adults can certainly enjoy getting in on the fun as well!

Even better with this time of year, the play-doh kit works great if you need to BOO your neighbors! A lot of the families on my block have pre-school aged children so instead of loading them up with candy, this year we’ll be loading them up with these play-doh kits, such a fun alternative! Add in a bottle of wine for the adults and you’ll be the new favorite neighbor!


I love how easy and affordable these kits are! I searched through the sale Halloween section at Michaels and found the pom poms and googly eyes in a kit. I also found the Halloween themed cookie cutters there! The glitter and tubes are also from Michaels but I got them last season.

The options are really endless as to what you can include in your play-doh kit. However you decide to do it, I hope you enjoy making memories with your little ones this Halloween season!


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