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Everyone likes pasta. It’s lack of nutritional value means nothing to most humans, we eat this pile of carbohydrates in any form we can get it. With sauce, with butter, in pasta salad, in lasagna, and most importantly, in your belly.

When I became gluten free, I was happy to see the many varieties of gluten free pasta available. I happily bought some and cooked this disgusting pile of mush. I attributed it to the brand I bought so I bought another brand, then another, then another and each time I had this mushy pile of macaroni that was these broken sad little pieces of pasta.

When we cook wheat pasta, you can slightly overcook it and it doesn’t fall apart, or become a pile of mush. Gluten Free pasta however, not so much.

The key to cooking gluten free pasta perfectly each time is as simple as following the instructions.

We buy Barilla Gluten Free Pasta. I find that if I boil the pasta for the exact amount of time the box says, it does not fall apart, and it does not turn to mush. Barilla also has a great no bake lasagna which cooks up perfect.

After I strain the cooked macaroni, I toss it was a little salt and serve like any wheat pasta.

I have tried cooking Ronzoni pasta the same way, that is by following the exact cook time, and I got a mushy pasta. So just like not all stoves and ovens act the same way, not all gluten free pasta will act the same way.

Try following the exact cook times and adding a little salt to the finished product and you should find that you have much better success cooking gluten free pasta.

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