Who is ready for winter to be over and Spring flowers to bloom?! We pretty much skipped winter in Arizona this year so it seemed appropriate to get started with easy spring craft ideas for kids! I initially made these flower seed wands as non-candy party favors for our WellieWisher inspired birthday party but they’re so easy and fun, they’re the perfect way to spread seeds of happiness all Spring long.

There was plenty of sugar at our WellieWishers Party so I wanted to make sure party guests weren’t going home with even more sugar. That’s where the idea for flower wands came in! They’re definitely not your typical party favor but I love the idea of guests being able to bring the party home with them and have fun starting their own garden.

I’ve read that Sunflowers are an easy flower for children to grow so it worked out perfectly when I wanted to match the sunflowers from the WellieWishers playhouse. I also happen to LOVE sunflowers, so I don’t mind if they start popping up all over the place!

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Materials Needed:

Step by Step DIY Video:

I could have just passed out sunflower seeds in their normal packaging but I think they’re way more cute this way, especially if they’re going to be sitting around for a bit before people plant them. I hope you and your kids enjoy this easy springtime craft! Happy Spring!

How pretty is this sunflower?! It was my first time growing sunflowers and we used the seeds from these flower wands!

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