Who wants to run in and out of craft stores all day when it’s 112 degrees outside?! Not me! Being an Arizona girl, that was the inspiration behind my decorations for the 4th of July this year. EASY!

I planned it so I had one trip to Hobby Lobby for chipboard letters, straws, and ribbon and another trip to Party City for balloons and crepe paper. Fortunately I already have a large stock of scrapbook paper and mason jars so after my 2 errands I had everything I needed to put these decorations together.

The faux flag background ended up being my favorite part! The table would have been pretty boring without the red, white and blue behind it, so I was really happy when it came together like I hoped it would!

Also can’t beat the fact that my decorations were usable 2 days in a row with the Women’s World Cup final being the following day. I’ll use any excuse to keep decorations up as long as possible! Go USA!

All photos by Partyography.


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