Cue the holiday music, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

If you want to skip the lines this holiday season, I’ve teamed up with Anna from Mamoo Kids to share an easy DIY gift that every little kid will LOVE!

If you haven’t checked out Mamoo Kids’ bags yet, take a virtual run right over there! Not only does Anna make amazing and quality bags, but the story behind them and what she’s all about reminds me of my childhood and what I think a lot of us want for the little ones in our lives.

I wanted to capture that childlike spirit and also the magic of Christmas, so this DIY is all about imagination!

For the actual bag,  I went with Rudolph because I know he’s a favorite! I used my Cricut Machine to do the reindeer cutout but I saw that Michaels carries holiday themed iron on transfers right now. They’re not shown online so make sure to check out your local Michaels.

Mamoo Bag DIY Video:

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Materials/Tools Needed:

To go inside the bag, I made story stones and a magical wand full of reindeer food. They also make great stocking stuffers or party favors!

Story stones are great for stimulating kids’ minds (as you’ll hear in the DIY video.) They’re definitely a favorite of mine right now and go hand in hand with Mamoo Kids! The reindeer wands came about because a little birdie told me it’s the only way Santa and his reindeer know how to find your home on Christmas night!

Story Stones DIY Video:

Materials Needed:

For the reindeer wands, you can follow the same steps as my flower wands or candy wands DIY videos. I used a mix of confetti, glitter and oatmeal to act as the magical reindeer food!

Materials Needed:

Legend has it that if you sprinkle these wands on your lawn on Christmas Eve, the glitter and confetti will attract Santa and the oatmeal attracts his reindeer!

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