I love poufs! They make the prettiest living room accessory! So I went out in search of a cute, knitted pouf.. You know how much those things cost? €50! Hahahaha! €50! There’s no way I’m spending that much money on a pouf!

So I came home, actually contemplating if I should buy the ridiculously overpriced pouf.. Then I thought, I’ll just knit one myself! Why not, right? Wrong! See, I tried to knit before cos it looks so relaxing.. I started knitting a pillow cover once, now I have a knitted doll’s house carpet at best! So I moved on from that idea to an Ikea hack! Love Ikea, love love Ikea hacks!

So I bought 3 Ikea rugs at €2.99 each, and started the usual scavenger hunt around the house, which happens whenever I’m doing a DIY project. I found a couple of chair cushion stuffers which I was about to throw out, and the perfect sized zipper! Now I’m no seamstress, but I managed to learn how to use a sewing machine a couple of years ago and I can do a couple of things here and there. I won’t sew a dress from scratch, but I can fix a tear if you get my gist.

Moving on.. First thing I did was measure my chair cushions. If you’re using something like pillow stuffing you can also use these measurements (shown in pictures below). Then, I cut the rugs, leaving an extra 2 inches for the seam. I placed everything on the floor to get an idea of what I have to sew together.

First you sew the edges which are touching (above), then you move on to sewing the rest of the sides together (below).

Then I attached a zipper. You don’t need to put a zipper, but with a little munchkin running around spilling stuff, I preferred having the option of removing the stuffing and washing it.

Next, you fill your pouf and close it up. And.. that’s it, you’re done!

Voila! And that only cost me around €10! Doesn’t it feel awesome when you’re able to do something yourself and spend much less then the original item?


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