While there are many fantastic gluten free alternatives out there, one of them just isn’t too fantastic is GF breadcrumbs.

Do they make gluten free breadcrumbs? Of course, but they all taste gross. You have some that taste rubbery, others that have the texture of pop rocks, and some that just don’t blend enough into what you are cooking.

We are hearty New Englanders, and we love us a good meatloaf. I had always made meatloaf with breadcrumbs. I literally tried every brand of gluten free breadcrumb available and meatloaf after meatloaf was gross. I even tried GF crackers, GF bread, rice, and nothing worked. That is until I discovered the secret of the perfect gluten free binder!

Drum roll please…………..

RICE CHEX! That’s right, you heard me Rice Chex is the perfect gluten free substitute for breadcrumbs. This cereal works like a dream. I use it in meatloaf, meatballs, chicken cutlets, all are fantastic and coated in cereal. The cereal is mild tasting, so I season it just like I would with plain breadcrumbs.

The cooked consistency is fantastic and nobody ever knows they are eating cereal!

Call me crazy, but try it and you will agree.

How do I do it?

I take the bag of Rice Chex and pour them in a zip lock bag that I will smash up with a rolling pin and I store my smashed Rice Chex so whenever I need a gluten free breadcrumb substitute I am ready to go.

Use the smashed Rice Chex anywhere you would use breadcrumbs and you will not regret it!

I will be posting up some recipes for GF Meatballs and GF Chicken Cutlets using the Rice Chex and you too will be a believer!

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