School’s out for summer, woohoo! The summer months fly by but sometimes it can feel like the days are super long. Especially if your kids are already telling you they’re bored and it’s only been a week since they got out of school! Anyone else experiencing this?

Boredom buster kids activities are a must during these summer months but instead of giving you a list, I thought I’d give you a fun little game. Boredom Busters Roulette! We’ve been having so much fun picking out activities this way. Something about a surprise activity makes things all the more exciting!

How it works – Press play on the video and once the activities start scrolling, press pause and see what you get! Super simple, but a nice little change to the traditional list of boredom busters. We play it so that whatever we land on, is the activity we have to play or do. It’s worked out well for us so far but of course you can adjust the rules for your own house and kids.

Boredom Busters Roulette Part 1:


Boredom Busters Roulette Part 2:


There are 100+ kids activities between the two videos, about 50 per video. I tried to keep the activities to ones the kids can do on their own but if they’re younger, they might need some help or supervision. I also tried to make sure most of the activities are free and can be done in and around the house or neighborhood using just your imagination. There are some that may require a few supplies but if you’re not feeling it that day, I think Mom gets final say, don’t ya think?

My family was never the type to travel all summer or go on fancy vacations so most summer days were filled with all of us neighborhood kids playing games and activities like the ones in these videos. I think those days will always hold some of my favorite memories!

If you’re in the same boat as us and have a lot of lazy days ahead this summer, I hope you and your kids enjoy these boredom buster ideas! Leave a comment on the Facebook videos above and let us know the first activity you land on! I’d also love to hear any new ideas or activities that your families are loving right now. Happy summer friends!

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All photos and video by Creative Mom 101.


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