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DIY Back To School Supplies

Back to school

We’re half way through the summer holidays, and most of us are starting to put together our kids’ school supplies. So, why not consider a couple of fun DIY projects to do with your kids to get them excited about starting school? And let’s face it, a school supplies DIY project is not only fun, it can also save you a lot of cash! What with buying new school shoes, backpacks, uniforms, etc., it’s always nice to be able to save something here and there! I hope this list will inspire you and you too will have a go at trying some of them. Your kids will definitely enjoy doing these awesome crafts! Continue reading “DIY Back To School Supplies”

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How To Save On Back To School Shopping

This is a post I put together on A Centsible Gal. Since the blog hasn’t gone live yet, I wanted to share it here and give you a little sneak peak on what I’m working on ❤ If you’d like to know when it goes live, click here to subscribe!

Did you know that back to school is the second biggest shopping season of the year? You don’t have to spend a fortune every year though! Here are some tips on how you can save some cash on back to school shopping. Continue reading “How To Save On Back To School Shopping”

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School Supply List – Kindergarten to Grade 6

It’s that time of the year again… Shopping for school supplies! Yes, I’m one of those people who gets excited when it’s time to buy school supplies ❤ I know you are too (or, just humour me!) Continue reading “School Supply List – Kindergarten to Grade 6”

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DIY Chore Chart

My son is of a certain age where he understands that he can earn money by doing his daily chores. Then, when he has enough money he can buy that special toy he’s been eyeing! I searched high and low for the perfect chore chart, and I found just the one! Continue reading “DIY Chore Chart”

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Kids’ Bedroom Wall Ideas

It’s not fun for us mums when our little munchkins are old enough to sleep in their own bedroom! I for one loved that my son was just a peep away if I needed to check on him.. But when he was a year old we had to make the transition, he was more comfortable sleeping alone. Ah well, it had to happen eventually! Continue reading “Kids’ Bedroom Wall Ideas”

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Firstly, I’m a sucker for an organised space, checklists, schedules, routines and anything DIY. I will look in a drawer and instantly find a way to organise it, or at the very least, prettify it! Then, I will open the drawer every chance I get just to admire it’s organised glory (I’m not the only one who does this am I??). I love having my days planned out, or else I’ll just be all over the place, not sure what to do next. And DIY.. My oh my, so many random items fall victim of a DIY project!

I’m a perfectionist, that’s for sure. I also tend to procrastinate (which is where schedules come in!). But apart from being these things, I’m first and foremost a mummy of a gorgeous little boy!

They say life changes when you have kids. Boy are they right! Life becomes so much more beautiful, and hectic, and chaotic..

I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world! My family is the most important thing to me, and I’m always striving to keep my two guys happy.

I’m a stay at home mum, and an aspiring photographer. I love taking care of my home and my family, and I also adore photography. Apart from being a mummy (/nurse/teacher/confidant am I right?), I also write on this blog full time, and I’m working towards opening a photo studio (fingers crossed!)

The Mummy Life is all about, well, the mummy life! I talk about

  • Health & Fitness – Cos with all the running around, we need to remember to stay fit and healthy! (Get started here!)
  • Kids & Parenting – From getting pregnant to activities you can do with your kids (Get started here!)
  • Organisation – To keep your house (and your brain!) in order (Get started here!)
  • DIY – Anyone up for saving some money, and have fun doing it? (Get started here!)

Above all, I want to help every mum feel successful and proud in every effort we are doing to raise our little ones. We are all doing a perfect job, in our own unique way!

Let’s face it, we all face struggles here and there when it comes to parenting. Whether it’s getting a fussy eater to eat their vegetables, trying to discipline our children in a firm yet gentle manner, getting everything done when you feel like the day is just too short, keeping a budget for your family income, or just taking care of yourself, that’s where The Mummy Life comes in. Nothing about being a mum is predictable, but at least we can be prepared!

I want this to be a place where you, as a mum, can find comfort, and more importantly, answers!

Welcome to The Mummy Life





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