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Grab Your Gym Buddy – It’s Time For A Giveaway!

Free membership

I found the perfect gym (actually, it’s a chain of five fitness clubs) that’s perfect for busy mums! You know why? Cos they’re open 24/7! That’s right! You can go whatever time you want! And two of you will be winning a one month free membership, plus all the awesome fitness classes that they offer!  Continue reading “Grab Your Gym Buddy – It’s Time For A Giveaway!”

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Three Pregnancy Books And A Giveaway

When I first found out I was pregnant, one of the first things on my shopping list was… Pregnancy books! Yes yes, there’s a lot of information online, but I love books! I also signed up to BabyCenter, where they send you updates your baby’s weekly development. Continue reading “Three Pregnancy Books And A Giveaway”

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Ta’ Spiru Barber Shop Review

Little boys and getting their hair cut.. Most of them are NOT huge fans! They scream, they cringe, they even try to run away! You bribe them with ice cream, you give them your phone and you make silly faces hoping they would sit still (cos the last thing you want is your little one to come out of the barber shop with a bald patch!). Continue reading “Ta’ Spiru Barber Shop Review”