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Pretty Girl Clothes

Hold on to your socks! These outfits are absolutely adorable! And to top it off, they’re budget friendly too!

I can’t walk next to a kids’ clothes shop without going googly eyed for all the baby clothes, so you can imagine how hard it was for me to choose just 9 outfits! Links to the clothes will follow (all prices listed are excluding shipping). Continue reading “Pretty Girl Clothes”

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60 Fun Kids Activities To Try This Summer

Summer activities

Kids love summer! It’s their time to relax and have a break from school. But, they’re bound to get bored after a while (I know my little boy does!). I try to do a different activity every day or so in summer, just to keep things interesting and have a memorable summer! Continue reading “60 Fun Kids Activities To Try This Summer”

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Kids’ Bedroom Wall Ideas

It’s not fun for us mums when our little munchkins are old enough to sleep in their own bedroom! I for one loved that my son was just a peep away if I needed to check on him.. But when he was a year old we had to make the transition, he was more comfortable sleeping alone. Ah well, it had to happen eventually! Continue reading “Kids’ Bedroom Wall Ideas”

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Your First Prenatal Visit

One of the first exciting experiences you have during pregnancy is your first prenatal visit. Getting a positive pregnancy test is thrilling, but having your obstetrician talk to you about fetal growth and having that first scan makes it more tangible that a baby is on the way! Continue reading “Your First Prenatal Visit”

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How Big Is Your Baby This Week?

Oh being pregnant is such a wonderful experience! Week after week you wonder about so many things.. What colour should we paint the nursery? What size bra should I buy now? When will the morning sickness end? How big is my baby this week? Continue reading “How Big Is Your Baby This Week?”