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10 Awesome And Fun Workout Clothes

I’m basically obsessed with “non boring” workout clothes! Quotes on a tank top? I’m in! I’m sure a lot of you ladies prefer going to the gym wearing fun workout clothes, they make a workout even more exciting. 

I was recently searching the web and came across the cutest tank top, and I thought, “Why not share the awesomeness with you guys?”. 

So here are 10 fun workout clothes I’m sure you’re gonna love as much as I do! Continue reading “10 Awesome And Fun Workout Clothes”

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Sarah’s Journey – How A Healthy Lifestyle Changed Her Life

Written by: Sarah Ebejer

Have you ever struggled with sticking to diets and trying to keep your weight off? Did you ever pay for gym memberships and just never went to do a single workout? Have you ever promised yourself that you will start a diet next Monday but that day never came?  Continue reading “Sarah’s Journey – How A Healthy Lifestyle Changed Her Life”

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Top 10 Home Workout Equipment

I don’t know about you, but I love a working out at home. I don’t have to stress about gym opening hours, or who to leave my son with while I go work out. I also don’t have to worry about how ridiculous I look or how much I’m sweating all over the place! A home gym is a blessing for busy mums! If you make the decision of having your daily workout at home, all you need to do is invest in a few pieces of equipment and you’re good to go. Thinking about the money you will spend on your equipment versus paying a monthly gym membership, you’re saving money in the long run! Continue reading “Top 10 Home Workout Equipment”

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Top 10 Everyday Superfoods

Lately I haven’t been feeling as energetic as usual. I’ve also been bloated and uncomfortable. I needed to see what had changed, and why I was feeling that way. The answer? I was eating unhealthy junk daily! So I decided to do something about it, and started doing my research on superfoods and what I should be eating to start feeling good again! So I will be sharing my new knowledge here today. Continue reading “Top 10 Everyday Superfoods”

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Health and Fitness Checklist

It’s so easy to forget about you when you’re a mum! You’re running around doing one thing after another, you look at the clock and it’a already 3pm.. “Wait, did I even eat anything today??”. It happens more often then we’d like to admit, we just forget about us. Continue reading “Health and Fitness Checklist”

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Healthy Pancakes!

Yes, you read right! HEALTHY pancakes!

Every Sunday I like preparing a ‘special’ breakfast. Pancakes are my absolute favourite! But pancakes can sometimes make me feel bloated and I get unexpected hunger a few hours after eating them! Which is just plain annoying! Plus, conventional pancakes hardly have any nutritional values.. Which is why I found a way to have what I’m craving, yet still eat something healthy and nutritious! Continue reading “Healthy Pancakes!”

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Wake Up & Workout!

First of all, I am NOT a morning person! So I will not write how I wake up so refreshed and ready for a good workout. That would be a HUGE lie! I tend to drag myself out of bed in the morning.. But once I’m up I’m ready for anything (not anything, but you get what I mean). Continue reading “Wake Up & Workout!”