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How To Spray Paint A Vanity Stool

Spray painting is a great way to transform something old or boring, into something new and beautiful! You don’t have to be a pro artist either, anyone can do this DIY project. But it is important to take the necessary steps when spray painting anything.

The first time I tried my hand at spray painting, it was a tad disastrous! So, let’s recap the proper steps you need to take for a successful spray painting project. Continue reading “How To Spray Paint A Vanity Stool”

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DIY Back To School Supplies

Back to school

We’re half way through the summer holidays, and most of us are starting to put together our kids’ school supplies. So, why not consider a couple of fun DIY projects to do with your kids to get them excited about starting school? And let’s face it, a school supplies DIY project is not only fun, it can also save you a lot of cash! What with buying new school shoes, backpacks, uniforms, etc., it’s always nice to be able to save something here and there! I hope this list will inspire you and you too will have a go at trying some of them. Your kids will definitely enjoy doing these awesome crafts! Continue reading “DIY Back To School Supplies”

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Spray Paint a Vase – Ikea Hack

Have you ever looked at a piece of decor in your house and thought “I can do something with this and make it look fabulous!”?. I do it all the time!

I love glass vases, but sometimes I just look at them and think – BORING! They’re plain, transparent, they need flair! And, who am I kidding? I’ll find any excise for a DIY project! So I went out and got a couple of spray paints (like one can wasn’t enough!) and went crazy.. See, when I have a project in mind I sometimes don’t read tutorials and I just learn as I go along. So, mistakes were made, I screwed up a perfectly good vase BUT I learned from it. And I’m going to share with you the mistakes I made (so you don’t make them!) and what you need to do to spray paint a vase perfectly. Continue reading “Spray Paint a Vase – Ikea Hack”

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DIY Chore Chart

My son is of a certain age where he understands that he can earn money by doing his daily chores. Then, when he has enough money he can buy that special toy he’s been eyeing! I searched high and low for the perfect chore chart, and I found just the one! Continue reading “DIY Chore Chart”

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Bedroom Wall Art

I talked in another post about doing something with bare walls (in your kids’ bedroom). This time I’m going to be sharing ideas for covering that boring wall in the main bedroom (most of the time it’s above the bed!). Continue reading “Bedroom Wall Art”

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Kids’ Bedroom Wall Ideas

It’s not fun for us mums when our little munchkins are old enough to sleep in their own bedroom! I for one loved that my son was just a peep away if I needed to check on him.. But when he was a year old we had to make the transition, he was more comfortable sleeping alone. Ah well, it had to happen eventually! Continue reading “Kids’ Bedroom Wall Ideas”

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DIY Pouf

I love poufs! They make the prettiest living room accessory! So I went out in search of a cute, knitted pouf..

You know how much those things cost? €50! Hahahaha! €50! There’s no way I’m spending that much money on a pouf!

So I came home, actually contemplating if I should buy the ridiculously overpriced pouf.. Then I thought, I’ll just knit one myself! Why not, right? Wrong! See, I tried to knit before cos it looks so relaxing.. I started knitting a pillow cover once, now I have a knitted doll’s house carpet at best! So I moved on from that idea to an Ikea hack! Love Ikea, love love Ikea hacks! Continue reading “DIY Pouf”