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How To Prepare For Back To School – With A Checklist

There are so many things to do before school starts, sometimes it just feels overwhelming! I believe that starting early is the key to making everything less stressful. And what other way is there to save yourself from going nuts with all that needs to be done, other than a checklist?

I like to get started 6 weeks before school starts (school in Malta starts end of September/beginning of October). This way, I don’t end up all over the place a week before. I’m also the kind of person who starts planning my son’s birthday party from months before, but that’s just how I am!

Back To School Checklist

Print The Back To School Checklist

Following this timeline will make all the back to school preparations so much easier! You’ll easily have everything set the night before school starts, and you’ll be surprised at how swiftly it all went. 

I, of course, will also be following this timeline, and I will be posting different things as I go. For example, how to set up a homework station, some ideas for after-school activities (this one will be for my Maltese mamas) and an awesome back to school photo prop! So, make sure to stay updated by signing up to the newsletter below!

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