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Pretty Girl Clothes

Hold on to your socks! These outfits are absolutely adorable! And to top it off, they’re budget friendly too!

I can’t walk next to a kids’ clothes shop without going googly eyed for all the baby clothes, so you can imagine how hard it was for me to choose just 9 outfits! Links to the clothes will follow (all prices listed are excluding shipping).

Girl clothes


        1. This personalised outfit is €14.76 ❤️
        2. These awesome matching tops are €28.60 ❤️
        3. The little sister romper is €2.26 ❤️ (There’s also a big sister t-shirt for €4.53!)
        4. The cute kitty dress is €23.94 ❤️
        5. The summery romper is €5.67 ❤️
        6. This pink tasseled romper is also €5.67 ❤️
        7. The flowery princess outfit is €6.80 ❤️
        8. The coral romper is €15.95 ❤️
        9. The floral romper is €31 ❤️

Aren’t they just precious?

Check out the list of little boy outfits here!






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