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What’s In My Bag?

What’s in my bag?? Loads of things! But that’s why we have large bags right? I love ‘What’s in my bag?’ posts, so I’m sharing my own with you guys!

My bag

Obviously, I always have my wallet, phone and keys with me. Then, I usually have my little notepad and pen, for when an idea strikes (I know I know, phones have built in notepads, but I like writing stuff down sometimes), my sunglasses cos summer is here and it’s super sunny! I also have a pouch where I carry everyday medication just in case, like ibuprofen, allergy meds and tiger balm. I always have a pack of ginger chews in my bag, they work wonders for an upset stomach and I actually like their taste (strange cos people usually hate it!). Then I have a body mist, hand cream, lip balm, a pack of tissues and wipes (my little one hates having dirty hands so wet wipes are a necessity!).

Apart from all those things, I usually also have a couple of receipts, crumbs and ginger chew wrappers, but nobody wants to see that! And finally, my bag! I actually bought it as a really good price and it’s perfect for every day use, and more importantly everything fits comfortably in it! I even carry my laptop in it sometimes!

*Links to items below*

Bag: Boohoo

Wallet: Accessorize

Cell phone case: Etsy

Keyring: eBay

Similar notepad: Kate Spade

I’m due for a new pair of sunglasses. The ones in the picture are from Aldo but they don’t sell them anymore, the ones they have at the moment are beautiful though!!

Similar sunglasses case: Aldo

Similar ‘medication’ pouch: Etsy

Body mist: Victoria’s Secret

Lip balm: Amazon

Hand cream: The Body Shop

What do you always carry in your bag? I’d love to know!






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