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Health and Fitness Checklist

It’s so easy to forget about you when you’re a mum! You’re running around doing one thing after another, you look at the clock and it’a already 3pm.. “Wait, did I even eat anything today??”. It happens more often then we’d like to admit, we just forget about us.

One day, after realising that I only drank 2 glasses of water in a whole day (shame on me, right?), I decided I needed to do something to take better care of myself. And of course, first thing that comes to mind is.. CHECKLIST! I swear, if I could do a checklist for everything, I would. Obsessed is an understatement!

I know I’m not the only one who wants to have a healthier lifestyle and make better choices. We want to do better! Every time you tick that box it’s a victory, and by the end of the week the more boxes you tick, the more satisfied you’ll feel!

Here is the checklist I made (I also included a blank copy in case you have different goals then mine). All you have to do is print, laminate, and you can use the same checklist week after week!

Health and fitness checklist

Download the above checklist here

Download the blank checklist here

I hope this helps you achieve your health and fitness goals!





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