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Organise Your Kids’ School Papers

Don’t you love it when your little ones come running through the front door, excited to show you what they did at school? And we feel so proud of their new accomplishments, all we want to do is frame every single thing they do! But no one has that much space on their walls!

As parents, we want to keep everything our kids make. BUT, fast forward to 12th grade (/Form 5) and you’ll have to dedicate a whole room for the amount of papers you kept! So, the sooner you start organising all those papers, the easier it will be.

What I usually do is, I keep all my son’s papers and pieces of art in a designated drawer. Then, at the end of the scholastic year, we go through all the papers together and choose our favourites. These could be papers highlighting milestones, important tests and report cards, etc. It’s also so much fun for both of us to remember what Mason did throughout the year!

School papers

You can organise school papers using a binder system or using a box for each year. But you have to keep in mind that you will need around 12 boxes in all, and a place to store them. So, after brainstorming and some Pinterest searching (how did we live without Pinterest??), I decided to go with a file box system, which I bought from Amazon (I couldn’t find any locally where I live!). I also snagged some filing tabs.

I labeled each file first, from Pre-K to 6th grade (I will either add more suspension files to this file box, or use another one, depending on the space I have left). Then, I printed a coversheet to add to each folder with a little background and portrait of that current year.


Print, fill in and stick onto the folder. Word of advice, print onto cardstock rather than normal paper. I printed the first one on normal paper and stuck it on with double sided tape (I’m obsessed with that stuff!). After a while, the border turned into a greyish colour! I used cardstock for the rest of the folder, which did the trick!

Organised school papers

Next, I decided to add just one more page before inserting the school papers. Just a bit more information to look back on and see how much he has grown in just a year! And a handprint, cos who doesn’t love those!

About me page

About me page

Then I just close it up, and store on a shelf in my little man’s room. I LOVE how everything’s in one organised space!

If you have any school paperwork storage ideas, please share with us! I’m always interested in ways to keep my home super organised!






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