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How Big Is Your Baby This Week?

Oh being pregnant is such a wonderful experience! Week after week you wonder about so many things.. What colour should we paint the nursery? What size bra should I buy now? When will the morning sickness end? How big is my baby this week?

Well, I can answer one of those questions! For the other ones, I suggest having a look at what books there are out there, some of them are VERY helpful! The Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book & The Positive Birth Book are amazing!

It’s pretty amazing how a baby can grow from the size of a teeny poppy seed to a pumpkin in just 9 months!

I made this just for you expecting mamas to print, stick on the fridge and look at every time you’re wondering just how big your baby is this week!

How big is our baby?
Click on the image – Save – Print – Enjoy!

Enjoy the rest of your beautiful journey =)

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