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Wake Up & Workout!

First of all, I am NOT a morning person! So I will not write how I wake up so refreshed and ready for a good workout. That would be a HUGE lie! I tend to drag myself out of bed in the morning.. But once I’m up I’m ready for anything (not anything, but you get what I mean).

I wake up before my son so the house is still quiet and I can have the living room to myself, to stretch, or kick, or whatever my workout requires me to do! I splash some water on my face (or slap myself, depending how zombified I still am!), drink a glass of water and prepare myself for some sweatin’. Now instead of a glass of water, you might choose to have a cup of coffee (I for one don’t drink coffee *gasp*), which can help you burn more calories when your workout is done. Win win!

Workout equipment

Before I share my workout plans with you guys, let me tell you some pros of working out in the morning.

Like I said, I’m more of an evening gal myself, but I prefer doing my workout in the morning for the following reasons:

  1.  You start the day on a positive note! And after a good work out you might actually want to eat healthy!
  2.  You can’t really have an excuse for not working out if you do it first thing in the morning (except for plainly not wanting to get out of bed, but if I can do it, anyone can!). If you plan on working out in the afternoon, a work meeting might come up. If you work out in the evening, ohhh your bestie is having a get together, can’t work out today!
  3.  You’ll feel so empowered throughout the day!
  4.  Studies suggest that you can burn up to 20 percent more body fat by exercising in the morning before your first meal. Don’t forget to eat breakfast afterwards though!
  5. You burn more calories throughout the day when you do a morning workout than you would if you did an evening workout at a similar intensity.

I hope I convinced you.. Maybe you’re grabbing your phone, setting the alarm for an hour earlier for tomorrow..

Anyway. let’s begin shall we?

My absolute favourite workout videos are the ones from POPSUGAR Fitness! They have workouts ranging from just 5 minutes up to 45 minutes, and they’re always so much fun! Depending on the intensity of the workout I do, I also sometimes add another workout shown below.

Morning workout

It’s also a good idea to get some equipment for your home gym. You don’t have to go all out, you can just get the basics! Check out this post to get an idea of what how should be equipping your home gym.

Happy exercising!






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26 thoughts on “Wake Up & Workout!”

    1. My days have gotten better since I started working out daily (I actually skip Sundays sometimes cos everyone needs a break once in a while right?). Try it, I swear you’ll love your workout routines =)

    1. Not everyone’s the same of course =) As long as you find time in your day to workout, it’s always better then not working out at all =)

  1. I’m not a morning person either. I have found that if I’m able to get up and get my exercise out of the way for the day, I feel so much better. Thank-you so much for sharing the PopSugar fitness link. Can’t wait to try out some of their workouts! x

    1. It’s difficult I TOTALLY understand! You can start by setting up your alarm for 15 minutes earlier every night, that made it easier for me =)

  2. I prefer a morning work-out too, and I actually find I’m able to push myself more in the morning than I am in the evening. It really depends on what I have on as to when I work out though! I usually like to have something in my stomach before I work out. I know you can burn more calories by not eating first, but I tend to worry about the strain on my organs after having fasted from sleeping all night 😉

    1. Apart from not being a morning person, I’m not a breakfast person either (bad I know!). That’s the main reason why I choose to work out before having breakfast, cos after a good workout I get hungry =D

  3. I love a good quick workout right after waking up. Keeps the blood flowing that resulting in more energetic version of myself anddd the endorphines though <3

  4. I am basically the ideal lazy person. I wake up feeling lazy and I fall asleep feeling lazy. I very rarely exercise unless you call opening my car door and rolling my windows down manually as labor! It is something I really want to but I feel I need to start with baby steps! A small morning work out may be what I need!

    1. Haha you should see me on a lazy day, ohhh how I love those days and the amount of time spent on the sofa… now I’m dreaming of lying down on the sofa and switching on my TV! Anyway! Check out the POPSUGAR workouts, they have really short ones which you can start out with =)

  5. I have been working out before but i had to stopped because of too many works. But i will definitely fixed my time to start working out.

    1. I will write a post about the ideal home work out equipment =) Subscribe for the newsletter to stay updated =)

  6. I really need to start working out again in the mornings. I miss it so much, but I just always seem to feel exhausted so keep putting it off! I’ll definitely have to check out Popsugar Fitness 🙂

    Louise x

    1. Hi Louise =) Yes, please do! They have some really fun workouts I’m sure you’ll enjoy, and you’ll feel so great after!

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