It’s that can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of snack! It’s baseball season here in Arizona and I’ve got the best team snack idea for all your little leaguers and softball girls this season. Baseball donut fruit kabobs! Super easy and also healthy (if you don’t count the powdered sugar donuts)… can’t beat that!

I grew up watching my brother play baseball and also played softball myself so I always loved when it was our turn to bring team snack. If your kids are like me, I always wanted something homemade or special, I couldn’t just bring something store bought. I’m sure my mom LOVED that!

Well, these are the perfect compromise, store bought with an added touch to make them extra awesome!

Items Needed:

How-To Video:

For Softball donut kabobs you’ll also need:

I did a little mix of both so they had that limey-yellow “official” softball color! I first dipped the donuts into the melted candy. Once the candy coat hardens, I followed the same steps as the video above!

I went with strawberries and raspberries for these donut kabobs because I was thinking Arizona Diamondback colors. You could add blueberries to make them Cubs themed or use only the blueberries and donuts to make them Yankees themed. So many options!

I used the candy melts for the baseball stitching because it was the easiest icing sticky enough for the powdered sugar. I tried  a few variations and found that the melts had the best consistency!

I stuck a toothpick in each donut and piped the first layer of stitching with a Wilton #2 tip. I then used a foam block and let each “ball” dry. The foam block isn’t necessary but it helped not having to worry about ruining the icing if I laid them flat.

Once the ball was dry, only takes about a minute, I used a #1 tip to do the stitching. I actually had a real baseball in eyesight so that I could make the stitching as real as possible. Truth is, perfection is not necessary and if you mess up, just use a toothpick to fix the spot. It comes off the powdered sugar so easy!

Once the baseballs are done, the rest is easy! You could even grab the kids and have them assemble the kabobs!

I love these little baseball donuts and I hope your little ones will too! Let me know if they’re a hit next time you’re on duty for team snack. They’d also be the perfect party treat for your next baseball party!

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All photos and video by Creative Mom 101.


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