Kids love summer! It’s their time to relax and have a break from school. But, they’re bound to get bored after a while (I know my little boy does!). I try to do a different activity every day or so in summer, just to keep things interesting and have a memorable summer!

Here are 60 activities to add to your summer bucket list. Your little ones are sure to enjoy them and they’ll have so many awesome memories to look back on when asked “What did you do in summer” at school!

  1. Visit the farmer’s market
  2. Have a water balloon fight
  3. Bake cookies
  4. Go to a water park
  5. Visit a bird park
  6. Join a summer reading program
  7. Play an awesome game of glow in the dark ringtoss
  8. Make your own sandbox and build sandcastles
  9. Make HUGE bubbles
  10. Visit the beach and collect shells
  11. Jump rope
  12. Have a picnic
  13. Face paint
  14. Try a bubble paint project
  15. Take a hike
  16. Paint a chalkboard wall
  17. Build a fort
  18. Play twister with the whole family
  19. Swing in a hammock
  20. Plant flowers
  21. Play dress up
  22. Create a pool noodle race track
  23. Have a squirt gun fight
  24. Make bubble snakes
  25. Go for a bike ride
  26. Start fishing
  27. Build an obstacle course with hula hoops, jump rope, etc.
  28. Play board games
  29. Go to a playground
  30. Make jello
  31. Go camping
  32. Camp indoors
  33. Make your own box car
  34. Play doctor
  35. Wash the car
  36. Try a new food
  37. Go to the cinema
  38. Have a BBQ
  39. Make s’mores
  40. Stargaze
  41. Go swimming
  42. Visit a farm
  43. Have a play date
  44. Go bowling
  45. Go to the zoo
  46. Have a slumber party
  47. Fly a kite
  48. Backyard pool party
  49. Do a puzzle
  50. Visit the fire station
  51. Make a painting
  52. Watch a movie together
  53. Have a dance party
  54. Try different ball games
  55. Explore a museum
  56. Have an indoor spa day
  57. Play charades
  58. Eat outside
  59. Make rock crafts
  60. Go on vacation

Are there any activities you will be doing with your kids this summer?


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